Great work brother. Really enjoyed this. In once sense, this is something completely new! We’re entering uncharted territory (again)! And yet, in our sin, we’ll find this to be ‘more of the same’ as AI gets twisted by our fallen desires. How sweet it is that we can follow our Creator and create! The capacity to create is indeed a gift! And how sobering it is to see how our hearts twist such a gift in such cruel ways. (E.g., I’m reminded of nuclear technology - exciting and full of amazing potential, yet terrifying when corrupted by our desires.)

Other things you could consider thinking on in the future (regarding what the Bible says):

- Demonology and AI. How a robust biblical theology of our enemy prepares us for the inevitable abuses of AI. (How would C.S. Lewis have written The Screwtape Letters and portrayed the enemy’s schemes in 2030 with AI?)

- Guarding a Purposeful Rest in the Face of AI. Reclaiming a simple faith/rest in Jesus in the oncoming days of information overload. We already struggle with focusing to daily commune with God in prayer and reading! To the degree AI speeds up information delivery, to that same degree we will struggle to synthesize our own thoughts, pray, and mindfully wrestle through Scripture.

- Jesus and AI. I’m sure you’ll have many thoughts here haha! Everything from Jesus affirming the innate goodness of the body (contra transhumanism - by Himself coming in the flesh and then later dwelling amongst His disciples in a glorified body - eating and drinking), to the sweet truth that, unlike any AI made by man, Jesus Himself knows what it means to be human, tempted, beset by weakness (and thus is a far better High Priest and Saviour than AI can ever be - for He knows our weaknesses, can be approached anytime, and offers something far better than information or convenience!! For in Jesus our High Priest we shall always find mercy and grace to help us in our time of need (Heb. 4:14-16). Regardless of whatever AI accomplishes and promises, what Jesus has accomplished and promised is far better!)

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Fascinating Dave - I had no idea about Talos…

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Yeah it's so interesting! I'd love to know how people thought of Talos at the time!

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